Alexi Arango’s ‘passivhaus’ A new home in Amherst goes beyond simply solar …
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Practice what you preach — or what you teach.

Alexi Arango teaches renewable energy at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley where he is an assistant professor of physics. And he lives in a “passivhaus,” a passive solar house that is heated without a conventional furnace.

Arango, who uses a video about a passivhaus in Maine in his class, decided to build a similar home himself, partly because he believes in the concept and partly because he wanted to create a living laboratory for his students.

“I teach how in all aspects of our living we can use energy more efficiently,” he explained during a tour of his new home. “Now, what I’m trying to do is show ways to be efficient and also pleasant and comfortable. You don’t have the sacrifices you expect in living efficiently.”

After a year of construction, Arango moved into his house in South Amherst last September. He lives alone, but he is engaged to be married and plans a family.

On a recent February morning, snow was falling and the temperature outside was 8 degrees but inside the 1,000 square foot house, it was light and…………… continues on Amherst Bulletin

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