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It could be the best home improvement you never see. Or not. It’s hard to know.

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Marni Jameson

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Window film — a transparent barrier that, its makers say, keeps big bad sunrays from eating up your furniture and driving up your air-conditioning bills — is at its best unseen.

And that’s the problem. How do you know it’s there? Because it’s invisible, I’m tempted to put it in the same category as the Emperor’s New Clothes, or as those who buy and sell galactic stars. I worry that homeowners are buying into some big transparent lie.

It’s like sunscreen for windows, those with more faith tell me. But I want more proof. Plus, I have other concerns about sunscreen for windows:

  • I like natural light in a house. “The space has great light,” real estate agents will say, pointing out a plus in a home. Why kill it?
  • I like sunshine. I grew up on the West Coast, where, before I knew better, getting a great tan was like a second career. When I did know better, I avoided the sun like a bat and coated on sunscreen. Now I have Vitamin D deficiency, from not enough sun. Someone is wrong.
  • I like conspicuous consumption. I’d rather buy a new area rug or table than some non-obvious, no-fun home improvement, like…………… continues on

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