Home Improvement: The Complete Window Replacement of Rock Father HQ …
News from The Rock Father Magazine:

As I posted earlier this month, my wife and I are finally about to start tackling some of the home improvement issues that have been lurking within the property lovingly dubbed, “Rock Father HQ.” If you’re just joining us, the basic gist is this: In 2010 we purchased a 1,300 sq. ft. home in Chicago’s Northern Suburbs, a house that was built in 1990, and one we knew had some issues. Like most homes, it looks pretty good on the surface, but when you dig deeper, there’s some things that are pretty bad – several of which stem from the previous owners, two of which fancied themselves to be “handy” – and one of whom shoddily put in windows because he “got a deal” on them. Our first project is fixing said windows, and today I’m going to walk you through my in-home consultation experiences with Pella Windows and Doors, The Home Depot, Renewal by Andersen and Feldco. The fun part? I didn’t tell any of these companies that I would be writing about this experience. Out of courtesy, I did reach out to the PR team for the company that did score our business, but only after my wife and I had already don…………… continues on The Rock Father Magazine

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Consumers putting more money into their homes
News from Sun Sentinel:

The economy is getting better, so it’s time to paint the walls.

Consumers in Broward and Palm Beach counties are spending more money on decorating, painting, wallpaper and window treatments as home prices improve and the recession fades from view, state tax data show.

In Broward County, sales tax receipts for those expenses jumped 38 percent in January from a year ago, to $ 557,277, according to the most recent data from the Florida Department of Revenue.

It was one of the biggest increases of all the things people spend money on. Total sales tax receipts were up 5.9 percent during the same period, to $ 206 million.

In Palm Beach County, sales tax receipts for decorating, painting, wallpaper and window treatments grew 19 percent in a year, to $ 932,214 in January. Overall, sales tax increased 10.3 percent in the county during that time, to $ 161 million.

Some people are spending because they have more money in an improving economy, according to analysts and businesspeople. Others are spru…………… continues on Sun Sentinel

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