Memorial-area home gets a contemporary update – Houston Chronicle
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My View: Support the transition from coal to clean
News from Pamplin Media Group:

Electricity generation from coal is declining in Oregon and across the United States — and for good reason. As a health care provider, I see that coal is a threat to public health, contributing to various diseases like asthma, strokes, cardiac disease and disorders of neural and pulmonary development in children. Luckily for us, Oregon is a nationwide leader in its responsible and forward-thinking transition from coal to clean energy. Oregon will close its only coal-fired power plant at Boardman in 2020.

However, for all that our state is doing to move to clean energy, Pacific Power, Oregon’s second-largest utility company, continues to get two-thirds of its power from out-of-state coal plants. Overall, Oregon still gets one-third of its energy from coal. This pollution doesn’t stop at state lines.

Coal-fired power plants are responsible for one-third of U.S. carbon emissions. Climate change already is affecting the Pacific Northwest, resulting in fierce wildfires, severe heat events, worsening air quality, reduced snowpack endangering fresh water supplies, and more severe storms and heavy rain events. Shellfish, salmon and other seafood are threatened by ocean acidification and warmer ocean temperatures. We can expect to see more heat waves, declining food stocks, loss of ecosystems and biodiversity, and sea…………… continues on Pamplin Media Group

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