Three renovation projects to make a home more energy-efficient
News from Deseret News:

A home remodeling project may have several goals. We want our finished project to be beautiful and functional, stylish and timeless, solve problems and fulfill dreams. One common remodeling goal for many people today is energy efficiency. Whether the motivation is saving the environment or their pocketbook, more people are looking for ways to make their home more energy-efficient and economical.

Here are three renovation projects that impact energy efficiency.

Make your home airtight

The first rule of a more energy-efficient house is making it more airtight. Excess air exchange makes your house less energy-efficient. If the heated or cooled air isn’t escaping, it will be easier to control the inside temperature both in summer and winter. Besides being more comfortable, you will spend less money heating or cooling the inside air.

Wrapping the exterior walls of a house with an air barrier (similar to sheets of plastic) before installing siding or masonry is the proper way to construct a more energy-efficient home. Obviously, adding this step to an existing wall is a major remodel and would involve removing the home’s exterior material. Since most people don’t take remodeling to this extreme, you can at least make sure any new walls installed in conjunction with your remode…………… continues on Deseret News

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Lawmakers examining competing energy efficiency bills
News from WMTW Portland:

Lawmakers are examining two competing proposals to restore funding for energy efficiency programs.

The Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee is holding a public hearing Wednesday on the bills that aim to fix a drafting error in a 2013 law that caused regulators to slash funding for Efficiency Maine Trust.

House Republican Ken Fredette’s bill would not only fix the error but bring significant changes to state government by creating an energy commissioner and giving the governor the power to nominate the head of Efficiency Maine Trust.

Meanwhile, Assistant Democratic Leader Sara Gideon’s bill, which is being backed by some Republican lawmakers, aims to simply restore the funding to the independent agency. They say taking advantage of the error by tying it to other changes is inappropriate.

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